Just as the great ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so also this Dhamma and Vinaya has one taste, the taste of liberation. – AN 8.19

About Us

The Vimutta community is a group of Theravādan supporters in Canada led by a Sangha, who share a focus on the practices based on the Buddha’s teachings on the path toward liberation. The Pāli term“Vimutta” literally means “liberated, freed” from the cycle of death and rebirth (samsāra). The success of the Vimutta relies on a vibrant community with different backgrounds. If you share the vision and are interested and want to contribute, please feel free to contact us.

Our task starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you services that will work the best.

Program Services

Right Mindfulness One Day Meditation

Right Mindfulness (Sammā-Sati) training enables us to intervene our habitual thought and behaviors process, which lead us to suffering and death, by being fully aware of this process and by making intentional choices based on the Buddha’s wisdom that lead us to a happy and healthy life, and even the deathless.

Vandanā Chanting and Buddha Pūjā

Rituals and chanting can be a way to express your emotions, to form new and wholesome thought patterns, cultivate strength of Saddhā (Faith), inculcate a clear sense of reverence and a sense of fellowship with others. It can also be used to restrain our sense faculties as well. Chanting may combine with other programs.

Ethical Mindfulness Healing Meditation

For people with and without religious background, this program focuses on helping to manage difficult emotions such as frustration, anger, depression or world-weariness. These frequent and regular negative feelings can be dealt with mindfulness practice to be controlled and contained in a much less intense and distressing way.

Spiritual Direction

Each person is unique and this program focuses on dhamma and practices at personal level and deals with personal growth and issues in your practices. You will need to learn to customize and apply the dhamma in daily practices and strive forward. We meet in fellowship to discuss personal challenges and issues. 

Short-Term Meditation Retreat

Short Term meditation camps on specific topics. TBD.

Meditation Interview

This is for advanced practitioners who plan to commit long-term meditation retreat to develop deep concentration and wisdom (samatha & vipassana 止观), we can provide interview guidance every Saturday afternoon. You may come earlier and do sitting meditation in the Buddha hall.

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