Our Practice

All Our Practice Efforts, Directed to the Cessation of the Taints


Meditation heals your human life more than by any other means. It also makes your life more meaningful. Practicing meditation is a remarkable way to develop your mind. It is through our teacher, the Supreme Buddha, and the Sangha, disciple monks who carry on His Dhamma teachings, and generations of lay supporters that we can keep the tradition of meditation alive to develop our minds.

Comprehension of your mind
It is the recognition of both
Your best friend And your closest enemy…

You are among the minority of people who develop the mind…

If you are capable of cultivating the meditation in this very life, your mind will start to develop rapidly. In this effort, you need to have the right understanding. If you do not have the right understanding, you will not be able to develop your mind in the right direction, i.e. toward the liberation of suffering. So we will show you the meditation practice that can enable you to see your life in depth.